Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moms Precious Smart Pack Set

PRICE : MYR 229.00

Moms Precious Smart Pack Set

The Moms Precious Smart Pack is an ideal solution for the professional working and pumping mom! This set contains:

A professional and stylish back pack design (worth RM 130.00) MomsPrecious Cooler bag set (A removable cooler bag set (which comescomplete with 6 Moms Precious Storage Bottles, 2 Bottle caps, 3reusable ice packs) – worth RM128.90 FREE rain cover cum heat reflector to ensure bag is protected against rain or shine!

Set is worth RM 259.00. SAVE more than 15% when you buy this set. Truly a value buy!!
This bag also offers ample space to hold any double electric breastpumps (eg. Medela Pump in Style, Medela Mini Electric plus, AmedaLactaline, Spectra 2 and Spectra 3, Avent Isis Duo). This is areasonably discreet way to carry all your expressing equipment.


- Roomy and stylish back pack bag (black colour) in a durable,stain-resistant nylon provides plenty of space for all the essentials
- Adjustable strap for customized drop length, special handle for hand carry option
- Completely removable internal parts, so the bag can be used long aftermom’s done pumping. It can be turned into a handy office bag to putyour notebook, files etc OR a mummy bag when travelling with baby!
- Small access at the back of the bag for the Spectra 2 and 3 plug toattach to a power point (no need to take out your spectra pumps andpump straight from the bag!) – SAVES you precious time!
- Removable Moms Precious cooler bag set keeps milk cool for more than 12hours! This is a sling/backpack convertible bag (GREAT FEATURES!)
- Removable work surface/hygiene mat provides a clean surface for mom to work with
- As a value added feature, we have included a FREE rain cover (suject to change without notice) cum heatreflector to ensure that your bag is protected from rain or shine. Thesilver coloured surface reflects heat normally absorbed by any blackcoloured surface. So be sure to use it when you're out in the sun toensure maximum cold retention inside the bag!

Shipping Cost

All delivery will be charged RM15 (up to 1kg). We will contact you within 48hours (either by phone or SMS) to confirm your order with us.Kindly bank in the amount stated in our adds to:

Bank Muamalat (M) Bhd : 1207-0005445-71-0 (AMS AWRA MARKETING)

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