Friday, August 21, 2009

Official launching - Wuddah New Product

Salam and good day to all Lovely Parent,

We hope you are in good condition with your lovely family.

As we told you in our previous entry, we are always thinking on how to give you the best product. First in quality and best value for your money.

So, in this great Friday, we would like to bring to you another new product from us especially for you...

It is Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper - Proudly First Malaysian Bamboo Cloth Diaper

It is come with two type of CD which is:

i- Wuddah Bamboo Button Cloth Diaper
ii- Wuddah Bamboo Velcro Cloth Diaper

..and of course we are offer it with best price in order to motivate all parent to do good parenting practice.

The price is:

Wuddah Bamboo Button Cloth Diaper = RM47.00
Wuddah Bamboo Velcro Cloth Diaper = RM51.00

So..with the great word of Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim.. we are proudly launch this new product and you can start to place your order TODAY!

Please check the color available by click here for button type or here for velcro type.

Note:To know more about Wuddah bamboo cloth diaper please read here.

~ Reseller are welcome from all state of Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia & Singapore. Should you have any inquiry about reseller or this product, please don't hesitate to contact us by click here.

Thank you.

Why Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper?

If you're looking for something soft and absorbent for your baby, while still being conscious of the invironment, Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper could be for you. Bamboo fabric is increasing in popularity not only for cloth diapers, but also baby clothes, sheets and accessorries. Once you learn a little more about bamboo, it is easy to see why...

To start off, bamboo grows like a weed without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It therefore has less of an environmental impact when harvested. Once it is spun into fabric, it has the following properties that are beneficial over cotton:

1-natural anti-bacterial properties
2-wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping your baby dryer.
3-up to twice as absorbent as cotton.
4-super-soft against the skin.
5-breathable and cool.
6-protects against UV rays.

Why you will love Wuddah Cloth Diaper?

You will fall in love with this gorgeous, silky cloth diaper - it is truly irresistible and a without adding extra bulk under clothing.

1-Bamboo fabric is durable, ecological & a real luxury for baby.
2-More absorbent than cotton with LESS BULK, proving to absorb 60% more than cotton of the same standards.
3-Antibacterial by nature, Bamboo fiber has natural elements to help fight bacteria growth.
4-Durable & Long Lasting
5-Easy care - Washing wash and dry.
6-Economical - We are offer the BEST PRICE EVER for bamboo cloth diaper, the price is even lower than any other brand for normal cloth diaper.

So, it's a GREAT CHOICE for the discerning family!

Please click here to buy Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's so special about Wuddah Cloth Diaper?

We did receive many questions from concern parent about what is the differences between Wuddah Cloth Diaper and any other brand in the market.

This article is really to explain what is the special features for Wuddah Cloth Diaper:

Special features:

i. The size is bigger than any other brand in the market (suit to new born baby until 15kg) – other brand only suitable for baby until 13kg.

ii. Can well fit small baby since it has special extra button at the wing (please refer to the image below)

iii. The insert can be button together with the CD to ensure it will always in the right position and to avoid leaking - only available for Wuddah Bamboo CD* (please refer to the image below)

iv. The price is cheaper than any other brand in the market, so you will enjoy more saving.

v. Got 7 bright colors and 4 fancy printed images to collect.

Hope the explanation above can be used as a guide to buy your baby cloth diaper. :)

So what are waiting for?


To buy this product, please click here.

* This product will be launch soon.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Official Launching – Wuddah Proudly Latest Malaysian Cloth Diaper

To all moms and daddies who may concern about their babies,

Good day and hope you are great in this moment.

We would like to introduce to you…the Latest Malaysian Cloth Diaper - Wuddah. It comes with two type of design which is Button and Printed type.

There are seven bright color for Wuddah Button CD which is yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, blue & red and four selected fancy color and image for Wuddah Printed CD to collect.

In Order to motivate all parent to do good parenting practice and use CD for their baby, we are offer Wuddah CD with special price:

Wuddah Button CD: RM39.00 per unit

Wuddah Printed CD: RM43.00 per unit

Unfortunaletly, the said CD is still in shipping process and it will be here (Malaysia) on end of August and because of that we are offering the more special PRE-ORDER price as below:

Pre-order for Wuddah Button : RM30.00*

Pre-order for Printed CD: RM35.00*

Check it out (click here) and don’t late to place your order NOW!!

Note: To read about the facts and fictions about cloth diaper please click here.

Happy CD'ing. :)

* Promotion for Pre-order price will be end on 31st August 2009 or until further notice which is early.


~ Agent and Reseller are welcome for every State of Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore & Indonesia. Should you have any inquiry about agent & reseller please contact admin (click here).

Cloth Diapers Exposed! The Facts and the Fiction!

When parents considers using cloth diapers, they inevitably must wade through the mass of misinformation that abounds wherever cloth diaper discussions occur. No doubt these inexperienced parents hear that cloth diapers are unsanitary, that they perpetuate unpleasant odors, leak profusely, and require a lot of back breaking work. But these parents can take comfort in the fact that these are all cloth diaper myths. You can get the facts here ...

Myth #1 - Cloth Diapers Are Expensive
It is estimated that using disposable diapers can cost you between two and three thousand ringgit or it could be more per child, from birth to potty training. That is an astounding amount of money to spend on what is essentially garbage. Cloth diapers, however, are much cheaper in the long run, even if the initial investment is more. Assuming that you will not be sewing your own diapers, it is entirely possible to cloth diaper a child for 3 years for under RM1,000.00. These diapers will likely last for one or more subsequent children as well. Do the math…the numbers don’t lie.

Myth #2 - Cloth Diapers Smell
Cloth diapers do not smell any more then a disposable diaper does. The smell that emanates from a cloth diaper thrown in a diaper pail can not be more offensive then a soiled disposable diaper thrown in a garbage can. Innovative new diaper pails and odor controlling accoutrements in a variety of sweet smelling fragrances have eliminated this problem entirely. Odors are also held at bay by using a dry pail method for storing soiled diapers so that the diapers are not left to sit in stagnant and possibly malodorous water. With these new advances, there are no reasons why cloth diapers need to "smell".

Myth #3 - Cloth Diapers Are Hard to Care For
Many cloth diapering parents have adopted a dry pail method of storage. This means that they simply remove a soiled diaper, dispose of any solid waste by dumping it in the toilet, and then toss the diaper in a diaper pail until laundry day. While some cloth diaper users may still rinse diapers in a toilet or sink before putting them in the pail, or even soak them in a wet pail before laundering, these methods are not necessary. A no rinse, dry pail method has been proven to be just as effective.

Using cloth diapers will usually only mean another 1-3 loads of laundry a week. This should not represent a significant difference in workload on laundry days. Putting cloth diapers outside on a line to dry will not only alleviate some of this work, but it will also help conserve energy and “sun” out any stains that washing did not get rid of. All things considered, it is no more difficult to clean cloth diapers then it is to clean any other clothing types.

Myth #4 - Cloth Diapers Are Not Sanitary
Cloth diapers need to be clean, plain and simple. They do not need to be absolutely sterile. Most adults probably do not find it necessary to sterilize their underpants, so laundering cloth diapers should be sufficient to ensure that they are clean and ready for use. Diapers should be washed with hot water and then dried in a dryer or on the line outside. Both of these drying mechanisms, providing either heat from the dryer or heat from the sun, will actually help to sterilize the diapers and kill any lingering bacteria that may be present. They should be sufficiently clean and acceptable to diaper your baby with.

Myth #5 - Washing Cloth Diapers Wastes Electricity and Water
This argument is truly baffling. Washing cloth diapers does require water and energy usage. However, advancing technology in washing machines and dryers has helped tremendously to keep the energy and water usage to a minimum. Even if you are washing cloth diapers with the oldest and most archaic washing and drying machines, the water and energy output in washing a few loads of diapers a week is infinitesimal compared to the energy wasted on disposable diapers.

Just consider the energy and fossil fuels used to cut down and transport thousands of trees to make the paper pulp used in a disposable diaper, not to mention the devastation this causes to our national forests. Water and energy are then used to create this paper pulp and bleach it. Even more energy is used to make the outer plastic shells and then assemble the diaper. These diapers are then packaged in plastic wrappings and put in cardboard boxes, which also had to be specially made for transporting these diapers. It doesn’t end there, however; these diapers are then transported from the factory all over the country and all over the world using trains, trucks, and cargo planes, so that they can be delivered to the stores that sell them to the public. No doubt, more energy is wasted by the consumer who must drive to and from these stores to make their purchase. To make matters worse, these consumers use these diapers and throw them away, essentially throwing their money in the garbage as well. The garbage must then be transported to a landfill using even more energy and fuel. This energy consumption is never ending. Cloth diaper users reduce, reuse, and recycle. Can any disposable diaper users claim that?

Myth #6 - Cloth Diapers Leak
Cloth diapers today come in many different styles, and are made with a wondrous array of fabric and absorbency levels. Even parents of children who are very heavy wetters are sure to find a diaper that works for them if they search hard enough. Parents must consider though, that disposable diapers are made with chemicals that allow them to be super absorbent and act as a high-volume portable toilet. Yes, disposable diapers may hold in more urine, but is that really a good thing? The holding capacity of disposable diapers seems to be breeding laziness and unrealistic expectations in many parents. We should not be lulled into the thinking that a diaper should last through several urinations before it is changed, simply because it is inconvenient to change diapers every 2-3 hours or less. When a diaper is soiled or wet it needs to be changed ... end of story. If diapers are changed immediately after they become soiled or wet, then leaks are rarely a problem.

Monday, August 10, 2009

[Announcement] A Step Forward

Dear honorably customer,

We are proudly present our new webstore at

Please FEEL FREE to visit us and don't forget to drop us your comment or response below this entry or drop your email to admin.

We are really appreciate it.

note: The new webstore is still under uploading and setting process but anyway it is officially open for order from today (10th August 2009) onwards.

Happy Shopping :)

Your sincerely,


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Workshop Summary - Kursus Cendawan

Kursus Penanaman Cendawan Tiram Kelabu & Asas Keusahawanan

Ringkasan Kursus

Kursus akan di ajar oleh tenaga pengajar yang merupakan Usahawan Cendawan yang berpengalaman. Beliau merupakan anak didik MARA dan kini sedang giat mengusahakan penanaman cendawan tiram kelabu.

Secara dasarnya, kursus akan diajar secara teori - penerangan dlm kelas (20%) dan praktikal - amali (80%). Peserta akan diberi pengalaman membuat dan melihat sendiri setiap proses dari membuat bancuhan, bagging, mengukus, semaian, memeram, menuai, dan membungkus.

Setiap peserta akan didedahkan dengan semua kos yang amat praktikal bagi memulakan sendiri penanaman cendawan bila berakhir kursus. Tanaman cendawan yang dikatakan memerlukan tempat yang luas dan perlu penyejukan (aircond) adalah mitos. Peserta akan dibawa berkongsi pengalaman dengan tenaga pengajar dan dibawa melawat ke tapak perusahaan cendawan bagi melihat sendiri dan merasai pengalaman di sana. Beberapa TEKNIK RAHSIA hasil pengalaman tenaga pengajar mengusahakan sendiri tanaman tersebut yang terbukti akan didedahkan. Teknik ini tiada ditulis dalam mana-mana buku teori berkaitan tanaman cendawan.

Peserta akan didedahkan juga dengan penyediaan kertas kerja / Rancangan Perniagaan. Bagi yang berminat untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan khidmat nasihat lanjut penyediaan kertas kerja dan tips serta langkah bagi permohonan pinjaman dibeberapa sektor kerajaan sehingga berjaya juga ada disediakan.

Setiap peserta akan dibekalkan dengan beg media cendawan yang telah siap disemai dan merasai sendiri bagaimana ia tumbuh, dipetik dan dimasak apabila berakhir kursus.

Sebarang pertanyaan lanjut, sila hubungi En Ali / En Man Hady di talian 013-8794466 / 012-2540864.

Terima Kasih


[Announcement] Kursus Intensif Penanaman Cendawan Tiram Kelabu & Asas Keusahawanan

100% Organic

To mushroom addict and whom it may like to become a mushroom entrepreneur,

Two early session of Kursus Intensif Penanaman Cendawan Tiram will be held on 10th & 11th October (Saturday & Sunday)*

Venue: Dewan Serbaguna Pangsapuri Wira,
Taman Tun Perak, Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Fee: RM200.00 (include breakfast, lunch and tea break meals)

The one and only complete package which is include with Entrepreneur Module.

Benefit to join us: Complete handout, Certificate of Attendance and Media Bag to be given. Some Secret Technic will be revealed. Paper work / business proposal preparation service for loan application to any interested participant.

Discount for any participant who bring their friend together (RM350 for two seat = RM175 per person).

Hurry don't miss your opportunity!!

A collaboration project between AMS Awra Marketing (Registered with Ministry of Finance) and Shaf Nur Enterprise.

Supported by: Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

To book your seat, please call: En Ali / En Man Hady (013-8794466 / 012-2540864)

Limited to 30 seats ONLY!!

* Please select your date. You can also refer to our ads in KOSMO.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Congratulation to the Baby Contest Winner

The prize - Spectra 3 Breast Pump Machine (worth RM388.00)

Baby Murtaza Bin Zamzuri with the prize.

Congratulation to the WINNER and hope to try again to the others.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

[Officially Announcement] The Winner of Baby Contest

We are glad to announce that the winner of Baby Contest @ AwRa's OnLiNe StoRe is...

Participant No. 4 - Mother's Name: Marlinah Binti Kosnin Baby's name: Murtaza Bin Zamzuri (with 1,312 votes untill 12.00am midnight - 1st August 2009) and entitled to get the grand prize, 1 unit spectra 3 machine (worth RM388.00).


and overall result is as below:

Participant 1= 4 votes
Participant 2= 2 votes
Participant 3= 4 votes
Participant 5= 136 votes
Participant 6= 3 votes
Participant 7= 89 votes
Participant 8 = 11 votes

* As a token of appreciation, the rest participants / mothers will get 1 unit of Mystery Gift for their babies (1 mother = 1 unit).

Thank you for your participation.


Note: Mystery gift is a new product of Awra's OnLiNe StoRe which is plan to be launch in another two weeks time.