Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Price: RM95.00/pc

RM360.00/box (save RM20.00)
4pcs per box

Skin health

The only skin health facial bar that heals ALL SKIN TYPES. Just by washing 3 MINUTES will start to make you 3 - 5 years YOUNGER.

Save Money

NO NEED TO SPEND $ on other skincare.
NO NEED BOTOX, Laser & Collagen Injection.

You All In One Beauty Treatment!!!

-acne -wrinkles - freckles - pimples - allergy - dull skin - white head - black head - eye bag - big pores - flabby face - pigmentation - scar - restore white hair to black - effective against skin disease - whiten your teeth -


MOOR - 3000 years of history, including over 700 types of herbs and plants (Detox & Heal). From Austria and rich with nutriens.

Hma Factor- from algae's unique formula, strengthens the skin cell natural ability (COLLAGEN REGENERATION, CELL REJUVENATION). Rich with vitamin B1, B12 & Niacin.

*Certified HALAL by Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC/HI-C06/1 032-03/2006)

*Have National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau Certificate (NOT080601097K)

So? What are you waiting for????

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3 Minutes To Beautiful Skin!!