Friday, August 21, 2009

Official launching - Wuddah New Product

Salam and good day to all Lovely Parent,

We hope you are in good condition with your lovely family.

As we told you in our previous entry, we are always thinking on how to give you the best product. First in quality and best value for your money.

So, in this great Friday, we would like to bring to you another new product from us especially for you...

It is Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper - Proudly First Malaysian Bamboo Cloth Diaper

It is come with two type of CD which is:

i- Wuddah Bamboo Button Cloth Diaper
ii- Wuddah Bamboo Velcro Cloth Diaper

..and of course we are offer it with best price in order to motivate all parent to do good parenting practice.

The price is:

Wuddah Bamboo Button Cloth Diaper = RM47.00
Wuddah Bamboo Velcro Cloth Diaper = RM51.00

So..with the great word of Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim.. we are proudly launch this new product and you can start to place your order TODAY!

Please check the color available by click here for button type or here for velcro type.

Note:To know more about Wuddah bamboo cloth diaper please read here.

~ Reseller are welcome from all state of Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia & Singapore. Should you have any inquiry about reseller or this product, please don't hesitate to contact us by click here.

Thank you.


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