Saturday, August 1, 2009

[Officially Announcement] The Winner of Baby Contest

We are glad to announce that the winner of Baby Contest @ AwRa's OnLiNe StoRe is...

Participant No. 4 - Mother's Name: Marlinah Binti Kosnin Baby's name: Murtaza Bin Zamzuri (with 1,312 votes untill 12.00am midnight - 1st August 2009) and entitled to get the grand prize, 1 unit spectra 3 machine (worth RM388.00).


and overall result is as below:

Participant 1= 4 votes
Participant 2= 2 votes
Participant 3= 4 votes
Participant 5= 136 votes
Participant 6= 3 votes
Participant 7= 89 votes
Participant 8 = 11 votes

* As a token of appreciation, the rest participants / mothers will get 1 unit of Mystery Gift for their babies (1 mother = 1 unit).

Thank you for your participation.


Note: Mystery gift is a new product of Awra's OnLiNe StoRe which is plan to be launch in another two weeks time.