Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's so special about Wuddah Cloth Diaper?

We did receive many questions from concern parent about what is the differences between Wuddah Cloth Diaper and any other brand in the market.

This article is really to explain what is the special features for Wuddah Cloth Diaper:

Special features:

i. The size is bigger than any other brand in the market (suit to new born baby until 15kg) – other brand only suitable for baby until 13kg.

ii. Can well fit small baby since it has special extra button at the wing (please refer to the image below)

iii. The insert can be button together with the CD to ensure it will always in the right position and to avoid leaking - only available for Wuddah Bamboo CD* (please refer to the image below)

iv. The price is cheaper than any other brand in the market, so you will enjoy more saving.

v. Got 7 bright colors and 4 fancy printed images to collect.

Hope the explanation above can be used as a guide to buy your baby cloth diaper. :)

So what are waiting for?


To buy this product, please click here.

* This product will be launch soon.


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