Friday, August 21, 2009

Why Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper?

If you're looking for something soft and absorbent for your baby, while still being conscious of the invironment, Wuddah Bamboo Cloth Diaper could be for you. Bamboo fabric is increasing in popularity not only for cloth diapers, but also baby clothes, sheets and accessorries. Once you learn a little more about bamboo, it is easy to see why...

To start off, bamboo grows like a weed without the use of chemicals or pesticides. It therefore has less of an environmental impact when harvested. Once it is spun into fabric, it has the following properties that are beneficial over cotton:

1-natural anti-bacterial properties
2-wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping your baby dryer.
3-up to twice as absorbent as cotton.
4-super-soft against the skin.
5-breathable and cool.
6-protects against UV rays.

Why you will love Wuddah Cloth Diaper?

You will fall in love with this gorgeous, silky cloth diaper - it is truly irresistible and a without adding extra bulk under clothing.

1-Bamboo fabric is durable, ecological & a real luxury for baby.
2-More absorbent than cotton with LESS BULK, proving to absorb 60% more than cotton of the same standards.
3-Antibacterial by nature, Bamboo fiber has natural elements to help fight bacteria growth.
4-Durable & Long Lasting
5-Easy care - Washing wash and dry.
6-Economical - We are offer the BEST PRICE EVER for bamboo cloth diaper, the price is even lower than any other brand for normal cloth diaper.

So, it's a GREAT CHOICE for the discerning family!

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